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Are you currently suffering from a medical condition? Would you like to lose weight? Then hypnotherapy might be for you!

Serving Everett, Marysville, Seattle, Woodinville, Shoreline, Bellevue & Surrounding Areas

Hypnosis For Change is a hypnosis service proudly serving the Woodinville, Seattle, and Everett, WA areas. Certified clinical hypnotherapist Linda O’Hearn specializes in medical hypnotherapy, weight loss hypnosis, smoking cessation hypnosis, stop drinking, pain management, sports performance, memory improvement, self-confidence/self-esteem, public speaking, overcoming procrastination, success, stress reduction, sales performance,focus/concentration, improve study habits, prepare to pass tests,anger management, hypnosis for children and teenagers, and so much more.  We offer group and individual sessions to help you achieve the change that you wish to seek, and we also provide clients with recordings of their sessions.

Why Hypnotherapy?

Here at Hypnosis For Change, we understand that many people are struggling with medical conditions that may cause you to experience lots of symptoms, or side effects. It can be difficult to focus on healing when you are dealing with things like nausea, pain, depression, or insomnia, just to name a few. What you may not realize, however, is that along with medical treatment, medical hypnotherapy can help manage these symptoms.

Another big change that thousands of people deal with on a daily basis is weight loss. Trying to lose weight can be demanding, stressful and it's easy to lose your motivation. Weight loss hypnosis can do wonders for your weight loss goals! The roof of the problem usually lies in the subconscious mind and the misinterpretation of emotions as hunger. Through hypnosis, we can essentially reprogram the mind to differentiate between emotion and hunger, as well as ingrain a healthy lifestyle.

Some people may be skeptical of the effectiveness of hypnotherapy, but research has proven that it can be a cheaper way to bring about change without any pills or medication. If you are having trouble losing weight, or dealing with a medical condition, try hypnotherapy. Hypnosis can truly change your life, and we would love to help you through the process of doing so. If you are looking for an effective, trustworthy hypnotherapist with years of training and experience, contact Linda O'Hearn at Hypnosis for Change today at 360-568-3047.


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